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Who Are You?

We're former Scout leaders for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
Our Scouting Credentials are listed here.

We had a lot of fun as scout leaders, and now we do "Scouting for Grownups" - the same activities, without the hassles of dealing with endless paperwork, paid staff, risk management, and annoying parents.

What Do You Do?

Adventure Travel - check out the sidebars to the left for trip reports.
We keep an email list for our friends and family to get invitations to adventures and trip reports about our adventures.
Whitewater Rafting in the Spring and Fall - we own a professional grade 11' Achilles whitewater raft and take friends rafting down the multitude of rivers in Western Washington.
STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride in July.
Seattle Half-Marathon - the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Run 13.1 miles.
Cross country and downhill skiing.
Mountain biking - Saint Edwards State Park is a favorite.
When we ran scouting events, we ran the following:
Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Weekends in April and July.
Tour de Redmond bicycling ride series in June/July - earn Cycling / Rolling Along.
Snow Sports Weekend in January - earn Snow Sports/Winter Sports.
Hunt for the Golden Eaglet in September - a high adventure race combining mountain biking, hiking, paddling, obstacles, puzzles and challenges.
Set Your Sights Higher in August - Rock Climbing / Adventure Sports.

Why Evil?

In Spring of 2001, we were trying to find a domain name for our Scouting website. We wanted to put all our event registration forms on line and we needed a URL that would be easy for Scouts and parents to remember. We spent weeks trying to find a domain name that wasn't already taken.

During the process of creating web site names (and discovering that they were already taken) I was running a Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Weekend.

I asked one of the Scout to recite the 3 rules of firearms safety. He said, "I already got that signed off!"
I explained that we weren't going to permit him to shoot unless he could recite the 3 rules of firearms safety.

The discovery that he must adhere to the all the requirements in order to obtain the merit badge came as quite a shock.

Outraged and indignant, he retorted, "You're Evil!"

Hence the name of the website.

How do I Learn More?

EMail us: webmaster @ evilscoutmaster.com